Social protection without protectionism

Stiglitz on globalisation. Between keep-on-going with more of the same and the protectionist closing, he advocates the Nordic model: There is a third approach: social protection without protectionism, the kind of approach that the small Nordic countries took. They knew that as small countries they had to remain open. But they also knew that remaining…… Continue reading Social protection without protectionism

“A very practical solution” : corruption

Two strong ideas from dr. Yukong Huang from Carnegie Endowment : first, China is a different economic actor (neither capitalist, neither socialist) to which many of the usual assessment tools do not apply (on debt, bubbles, etc). So, the West does not really understand the Chinese economy and its policy toward China is based on…… Continue reading “A very practical solution” : corruption

ChinAfrica is getting more and more serious

The French know pretty well the African continent and look (with┬ámelancholy ?) to the Chinese presence in Africa : more than 10,000 Chinese enterprises are present there, with 90% of them private-owned, and they have almost half of the infrastructure markets. But the French are alarmed about the African dependence on the Chinese economy :…… Continue reading ChinAfrica is getting more and more serious