Chinese Economic Engineering : foreign currency

The last known number of Chinese US Treasuries was $ 1.19 tn. It was speculated that they could be used as a “nuclear option” in the current US China trade war. Wrongly, it appears, because no matter what, the US Treasuries are the most liquid and secure place to invest the huge pile of Chinese dollars.…… Continue reading Chinese Economic Engineering : foreign currency

Chinese Economic Engineering : corporate debt

The Chinese government is slowly cutting down borrowing in order to reduce corporate debt, which in turn could decrease Chinese economy’s growth to 4.5% from the now 6.5%. To note that business investment makes a quarter of GDP, while corporate debt is estimated by independent analysts to some 160% of GDP. As social and economic…… Continue reading Chinese Economic Engineering : corporate debt

Time for EU to stand up and fight ?

Mark Leonard, head of the European Council of Foreign Relations. And British.   Skeptics will say it’s highly unlikely the EU will risk putting itself on a collision course with Washington. Europeans still heavily depend on the U.S. when it comes to security, and many of the Continent’s leaders are attached to a status-quo that allows them…… Continue reading Time for EU to stand up and fight ?