World Trade War : US and China trading threats

So in the end, the US tariffs announced for June 15 on $50bn Chinese imports were postponed for July 6 and include mostly goods containing “industrially significant technologies”. China did not lost time and replied within hours with a tit-for-tat own list targeting especially agricultural US products. As if all this was not enough, on Monday, June…… Continue reading World Trade War : US and China trading threats

Global Trade War : German Cars

Slapping tariffs on steel and aluminium under National Security provisions is one thing; but cars ? Restricting car imports into the US through the same Section 262 ? The investigation is under way in the Commerce Department, and it seems to be forced into resolve for the November midterm elections. The U.S. auto industry, composed…… Continue reading Global Trade War : German Cars

Chinese Economic Engineering : foreign currency

The last known number of Chinese US Treasuries was $ 1.19 tn. It was speculated that they could be used as a “nuclear option” in the current US China trade war. Wrongly, it appears, because no matter what, the US Treasuries are the most liquid and secure place to invest the huge pile of Chinese dollars.…… Continue reading Chinese Economic Engineering : foreign currency

Chinese Economic Engineering : corporate debt

The Chinese government is slowly cutting down borrowing in order to reduce corporate debt, which in turn could decrease Chinese economy’s growth to 4.5% from the now 6.5%. To note that business investment makes a quarter of GDP, while corporate debt is estimated by independent analysts to some 160% of GDP. As social and economic…… Continue reading Chinese Economic Engineering : corporate debt

Migration tests the German Coalition

The German Government coalition is attacked from the right and extreme right on migration : the Bavarian CSU is threatened by the AfD in regional elections in the fall and toughens its position in advance at the Federal level. From my viewpoint, the migration has the potential to tear down not only government coalitions but…… Continue reading Migration tests the German Coalition