Fast Forward JEFTA ?

JEFTA by July ? Wow ! End-of-the-year was not bad either, but July is a sign of the approaching Brexit, and it is not known for the moment where it is going. Because Brexit is heavily impacting the Japanese auto producers, so, fast-forward JEFTA. For the EU, no ISDS/ICS in JEFTA, no Wallon headache bis.

Learning “global affairs”. The hard way

Following Jean-Claude Juncker’s injunction, Angela Merkel learnt a hard lesson in global affairs by trying to coallesce an anti-US, or rather anti-Trump, alliance on climate matters in view of the July G20 Summit. The EU had had found out at its expense some two weeks ago that China was putting trade interests before climate change. Now,…… Continue reading Learning “global affairs”. The hard way

Summer Sunshine

Europe was supposed, for a year now, to be on a death spiral, since the Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, and the much-feared antieuropean setbacks in Austria, Netherlands, and especially, France. Crying wolf in anticipation was useful again and no big wolf did eventually show his tail. On the contrary even, the election of…… Continue reading Summer Sunshine