The former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been arrested last week for the financing of its 2007 Presidential campaign, with illicit funding coming from Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. I never particularly liked the French politician, but it’s clearly one more blow toward the disintegration of the former left-right political landscape. Advertisements

Chinese Bike-Flooding

Great photo article in the Atlantic about Chinese bike sharing : it’s also about oversupply, like in the Steel Trade War, only this time it’s an internal flood. Meaning the Chinese State Capitalism does not have enough the fine-tuning by the market, as balance of supply and demand.

Cold War 2.0 nonetheless

After the Salisbury novichok attack (Skripal affair), the Brits resembled a coordinated response, with almost 100 Russian diplomats expelled from the US, Canada, Ukraine and 14 EU countries. It is also interesting to note the nine countries who indicated their opposition to the common action : Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg, Malta, while Ireland…… Continue reading Cold War 2.0 nonetheless