China : how to privatise without losing control

A kind of conundrum in the way of Chinese privatizations: After more than three decades of trials and experimenting, Beijing is still looking for the best way to turn state-run firms into modern, profitable and efficient businesses that will at the same time stay loyal to the ruling Communist Party. For the moment, only minority…… Continue reading China : how to privatise without losing control

German Surplus : how to import more

There are also Germans who think the trade surplus is a real problem. Here, Thiess Petersen. How ? Through (1) fiscal measures (VAT lowering, hence higher internal consumption), (2) higher wages (ok, what about export competitiveness then), (3) infrastructure projects (green energy, new technologies, etc). Otherwise, Economics 101 tells us that a big surplus can…… Continue reading German Surplus : how to import more

Section 301 revives against China

So, all the fuss about China trade will end (or rather continue) with an investigation under the once-famous Section 301, its first invocation since 1995 and the WTO. The main point of attack is apparently … the intellectual property and the forced transfer of technology in the joint-ventures under the Chinese legislation, which is in…… Continue reading Section 301 revives against China