No Huawei in the US

US blocked again Huawei’s entry into its market through the association with ATT. And after Moneygram’s failed acquisition by Ant Financial (Alibaba Group), it begins to look like a recurrent pattern. The US is more or less reciprocating the Chinese treatment of foreign firms in the internal market, and so long to the free trade phantom.

The WTO as a footnote

The WTO has been agonising for some ten years now, and another Ministerial Conference ended with no result in Buenos Aires. Some are blaming China for its dereliction, others are more recently pointing the finger toward US & Donald Trump. My hypothesis is that the global value chains have supplanted the multilateral organisation.

“A litigation-focused organization”

At the WTO’s Buenos Aires Ministerial, US, Japan and EU teamed up against the Chinese mercantilist practices : intellectual property theft, state-owned enterprises, overcapacity, etc. Moreover, USTR Lightizer attacked the World Trade Organization as an institution and “said the WTO was focused too much on refereeing legal complaints, which distracted from its core mission of…… Continue reading “A litigation-focused organization”