Is Europe going Chinese on trade ?

The European Union is eventually recognizing China as a market economy, which is a big leap forward for the Middle Kingdom, both as international status and for the antidumping investigations.  But in the same time, the EU will have recourse to a special formula for calculating anti-dumping duties against countries whose markets are deemed to…… Continue reading Is Europe going Chinese on trade ?

Social protection without protectionism

Stiglitz on globalisation. Between keep-on-going with more of the same and the protectionist closing, he advocates the Nordic model: There is a third approach: social protection without protectionism, the kind of approach that the small Nordic countries took. They knew that as small countries they had to remain open. But they also knew that remaining…… Continue reading Social protection without protectionism

US China Trade : Strategic Anxiety ?

It looks like the US has finished its strategic patience related to China. At one time, a “Washington consensus” had assumed closer economic integration with China would encourage Beijing to open its markets and provide greater opportunities for foreign companies. That agreement has now changed. Many policymakers in the US capital today say carrots are…… Continue reading US China Trade : Strategic Anxiety ?