Enter the Dragon : the new normal

People need some time before getting used to a new situation. The Americans needed some half-of-a-century and two world wars before having a solid foothold in Europe. The Chinese got a foot-in-the-door in only ten years, economic crisis helping greatly. Politico Europe has a great piece on this subject. Or how the Middle Kingdom investments…… Continue reading Enter the Dragon : the new normal

US keeps blocking the Chinese shopping spree

It is called the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) and it is becoming US’ main trade policy instrument, just like the Section 301 in the 1980s. That one was offensive and was about Japan and trade, this one is defensive and is about China and takeovers. It recently prevented the acquisition…… Continue reading US keeps blocking the Chinese shopping spree


It is the no.1 Chinese steelmaker, created a year ago from the merger of two struggling SOE, and now world no.2 after Arcelor-Mittal. And it is going to boost its output from 60 to 100 million tonnes, while the global Chinese production it is expected to fall in the next few years. US and EU…… Continue reading Baowu