The Franco German uncouple for EU’s trade policy

The same Der Spiegel piece puts some perspective into EU’s functioning, relations between France and Germany, all applied to trade policy and US: That, though, is easier said than done. After all, it was the German government that sought to find some form of compromise with the Americans against the will of France and others. The offer presented…… Continue reading The Franco German uncouple for EU’s trade policy

Global Trade War : German Cars

Slapping tariffs on steel and aluminium under National Security provisions is one thing; but cars ? Restricting car imports into the US through the same Section 262 ? The investigation is under way in the Commerce Department, and it seems to be forced into resolve for the November midterm elections. The U.S. auto industry, composed…… Continue reading Global Trade War : German Cars

Migration tests the German Coalition

The German Government coalition is attacked from the right and extreme right on migration : the Bavarian CSU is threatened by the AfD in regional elections in the fall and toughens its position in advance at the Federal level. From my viewpoint, the migration has the potential to tear down not only government coalitions but…… Continue reading Migration tests the German Coalition

Time for EU to stand up and fight ?

Mark Leonard, head of the European Council of Foreign Relations. And British.   Skeptics will say it’s highly unlikely the EU will risk putting itself on a collision course with Washington. Europeans still heavily depend on the U.S. when it comes to security, and many of the Continent’s leaders are attached to a status-quo that allows them…… Continue reading Time for EU to stand up and fight ?

Tanks vs cyber-attacks ?

A rather bizarre German solution : if a cyber-attack is to cause human victims or harm essential infrastructure, like the electricity grid, the Germans could involve the … Bundeswehr as a last resort. Against Russia ? or China ? Without considering that the German Army is barely operational …