French Anxieties in the Post-Industrial Age

Emmanuel Macron dreams of France as a “Start-Up Nation”, but the transition from the former national champions like Alcatel, Alstom, Pechiney or Lafarge, without reproducing again the Airbus industrial model, where the French have a strong position, provokes some serious questioning about France’s economic model. Even more so as they do not have the lead…… Continue reading French Anxieties in the Post-Industrial Age

French Neo-Colbertism vs Chinese Mercantilism

Emmanuel Macron emerged politically as a young reformist, but some old French habits are really dying hard. For some, it can seem paradoxical to liberalize the labour market and in the same time protect even more some industries not always very competitive, like nuclear (Areva) or shipbuilding (STX), and without a big strategic vision or…… Continue reading French Neo-Colbertism vs Chinese Mercantilism

Macron at 100 …

… days has a worse approval rate than Hollande at the same moment. The honeymoon finished faster than anyone would have guessed, but of course this is not to say that Emmanuel will necessarily walk in the footsteps of the unfortunate François. But in a European key, what about now the Franco-German duo’s “relance” ?