The Americans are looking more and more to the growing Chinese influence in Europe. All this while several European leaders are constantly going to China. The last one being an unhappy British Prime Minister, touting an uneven golden era in British Chinese relationship. Advertisements


The European Union opened for the first time the Article 7 procedure against Poland, which does not seem altogether intimidated, while Hungary and Romania are not far behind in disrespecting the EU legislation. I sometimes wonder if the European Union has not had its best hours during the Cold War, when the Soviet threat kept…… Continue reading Poland


European States had no problem letting the Chinese telecom giant supply equipments for mobile networks, while the US refused its access from the very beginning. In the meantime, some start questioning the European approach and the supposed neutrality of Huawei in relation to the Chinese State.

Is Europe going Chinese on trade ?

The European Union is eventually recognizing China as a market economy, which is a big leap forward for the Middle Kingdom, both as international status and for the antidumping investigations.  But in the same time, the EU will have recourse to a special formula for calculating anti-dumping duties against countries whose markets are deemed to…… Continue reading Is Europe going Chinese on trade ?