Keeping Promising

Xi Jinping promised again in the opening speech of the Nineteenth PRC Congress the openness of the Chinese economy, protection of foreign direct investments and of intellectual property rights. He was met with a pretty healthy dose of skepticism by Western stakeholders and commentators … Advertisements

All under Heaven

Tom Holland makes the perfect synthesis of the Chinese economic model : China has adopted a mixed economic model, under which market incentives direct much of the day-to-day activity, but where state control ensures that that activity supports the government’s greater political goals. And as far as Xi is concerned, it seems to be working.…… Continue reading All under Heaven

South Korea feels the heat of China’s embrace

China and South Korea have their worst bilateral relations in 25 years, since their re-establishment in 1992. And it is beyond North Korea and THAAD : the South Koreans have searched for a re-balancing of their former dependence from the US (military) and Japan (economic), and looked hopefully toward the Popular Republic. Hence, the 2015…… Continue reading South Korea feels the heat of China’s embrace