Bombing Syria, but what for ?

So, they did it. The US, with support from UK and France, launched last night a series of air strikes on military facilities and chemical stores in Syria, following the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta by the Syrian regime. It’s the conclusion of a weeklong political theatre based on tweets, threats and counters, but…… Continue reading Bombing Syria, but what for ?

Cold War 2.0 nonetheless

After the Salisbury novichok attack (Skripal affair), the Brits resembled a coordinated response, with almost 100 Russian diplomats expelled from the US, Canada, Ukraine and 14 EU countries. It is also interesting to note the nine countries who indicated their opposition to the common action : Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Luxembourg, Malta, while Ireland…… Continue reading Cold War 2.0 nonetheless

Cold War 2.0 : not so cold, not so war

Well, I went there myself, and the idea is pretty clear : Russia is not attacking frontally some Western countries (UK, US), but in an unconventional, hard-to-prove manner. But not for everybody : the Germans are solidly entangled in the Russian gas networks, so no war at all for them, because Russia is their ‘natural’ partner. As…… Continue reading Cold War 2.0 : not so cold, not so war